Finding the Fountain of Youth at Ponce De Leon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ponce de Leon State Park in Holmes County Florida, may for many be that elusive fountain of youth that Spanish Explorer and Conquistador Ponce De Leon set out to find on his legendary trip to Florida in 1513.

    Brent Lane: Hey! It's Brent Lane in Holmes County, Florida at Ponce De Leon Springs State Park. And this is supposed to be the Fountain of Youth, so I thought I'll bring me bathing suit and we check it out.

    For many this maybe that illusive Fountain of Youth that Spanish explorer and conquistador Ponce De Leon set out to find on his legendary trip to Florida in 1530. It's not for sure you will regain your youth, but the crystal clear water is a refreshing 68 degrees, a constant year around.

    Jacob Strickland: Many people think that this actually is a Fountain of Youth, as far as history goes, nothing is written that says it is, but there is nothing written that says it isn't. Brent Lane: Everyday, 14 million gallons of pure water emerges from the Spring, emanating from deep underground, making swimming and snorkeling the main attraction at the state park. If you are with small ones and or don't know how to swim, there are shallow water, so you don't miss out no the refreshing experience. One thing you know for sure at Ponce De Leon Springs, you know you are alive. Visitors can take a leisurely walk along two self guided nature trails through a lush hardwood forest and learn about the ecology and wild life. Jacob Strickland: You are going to find most of the animals on the wild life trails off the beaten path, in the mornings or in the evenings along with recreational fishing along Bulow Creek, Sandy Creek and Mill Creek. You can run about any kind of fish, you got catfish, chain pickerel, bass; there are just about any sorts of suckers and things of that nature. Brent Lane: Ponce De Leon is also a part of the great Florida Birding trail with opportunities to see the great horned owls, pileated woodpecker and mocking birds. Tours are available, but if you are the adventurous type, you can see it for yourself as Ponce De Leon would have done more than 500 years ago. Be on the lookout for this interesting species, the carnivorous pitcher plants, perhaps one of the more interesting plants; I mean meat eating plants you will come across. Don't worry, they are known for only eating small bugs. I am Brent Lane at Ponce De Leon Springs State Park in Holmes County, Florida and I am feeling mighty refreshed.