Finding the Right Private High School for You

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dean of Admissions Andrew Battaile discusses how to find the right private high school for you.

    Andrew Battaile: Hi, My name is Andrew Battaile. I am the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Gonzaga College High School in Washington D.

    C. Gonzaga was founded in 1821 and we are a private catholic Jesuit High School founded by the Society of Jesus. What we stress at Gonzaga is both a rigorous academic education as well as creating "Men for Others". What this is, is that you are supposed to try to succeed on your own as a young man at Gonzaga in the classroom. But out of the classroom, we want you to make the world a better place. When one of our graduates walks out of the church as a Gonzaga graduate, he is ready to share his time and talents with others.

    Now, today we are going to talk about how to apply to a private high school. Everything from researching the application process to actually applying to what to do after you receive a letter of decision from a school. Myself, I have been at Gonzaga now for ten years. My first seven years here I have worked in our development office and fund raising and alumni relations. The last three years, I have been the Dean of Admissions. I serve as the Eastern Region Chairman of Jesuit Secondary Education Association. Now, let's get started on how to apply to a private high school.