Finishing Curly Hair with a Curling Iron

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Annie Hathorn, hairstylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar demonstrates how to style curly hair including tips for finishing the curly hairstyle with a curling iron.

    Annie Hathorn: Hi! I am Annie Hathorn, a hair stylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. Our video today is how to style curly hair. In this segment I will be showing you how to give it a more a polished look from just diffusing it. Alright, her hairs are diffused. You want to make sure if you are going to use a curling iron or not that it is dry in the areas that you are going to curl. You never want to put a curling iron on wet hair. The curling iron I am going to be using today doesn't have a prong, but you can use any curling iron,0 just follow the same technique I am using. You won't be using the prong or the spring, you will just be holding the iron and wrapping the hair around the iron. You do want to be very careful with this that you watch your fingers that they don't get burned and that you watch your face that you don't get the iron to close to your face, but this is a great technique to polish up those loose wave. So like when we were wet setting, you just grab random pieces of hair and you wrap it around the curling iron there. I am going to start around her face here and just take a section and wrap away from her face. This is a small section up here so I don't need to hold it to the curling iron too terribly long. I am going to let it go and we see we have a really pretty little spiral curl there. And I am just going to pick up sections that I see I would like a curl to be, wrap it around and let it go.

    So this process of picking out pieces in curling is more of a visual thing. You just want to look to see where a more polished curl would look nice in the hair. This curl for instance look so little limp, little lifeless. So I am going to break it apart and wrap this chunk around the iron. I am wrapping it, I am watching my fingers, so I don't get too close and then let it go. I usually focus this more on the crown area because like we said earlier, the crown area tends to have a looser curl, sometimes no curl at all. So usually the place where you want to touch up the curl with this technique would be more in the crown area, but you can work further down as well.

    So I am always wrapping it away from her face and this is a one inch barrel curling iron. If you shorter hair or tighter curls, you could use a smaller barrel because Kelly's wave is kind of a looser, bigger wave I am using a one inch barrel. When you are working with a thicker piece of hair, you can hold it a little bit longer when you are working with a thin piece of hair, you don't want to hold it too long because you don't want to burn the hair, or singe it all. So always remember when its a thin piece just hold it there for just a few seconds is all you need. So you can do as much as or little of this as would like. I feel like I am happy with it now on Kelly's hair. Its still a mixture of those loose waves with some of the more polished spiral curls. Now once we are done with that you can use it either a non-aerosol like we did after diffusing or you could switch to an aerosol because her hair is dry now, and you really want to set those curls. So again, she knows how to pick it up a little bit to give this curl a little bit of lift and just spray in a little bit of this hair spray. I am going to go around her face and give it a little bit of lift. So this is finished look number two, with the curling iron in our next segment I am going to show you how its very easy to pin curly hair and just messing up different technique find it how to pin it up.