Finishing Curly Hair with Product

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Annie Hathorn, hairstylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar demonstrates how to style curly hair including tips for finishing the curly hairstyle with product.

    Annie Hathorn: Hi! My name is Annie Hathorn and I am hair stylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. Our video today is how to style curly hair. In our last segment we defused the hair. So we have just finished diffusing the hair. You always want to leave a little bit of moisture in the hair when you are diffusing, 95% dry, little bit of moisture. If you dry all the way the hair tends to get a little too frizzy. And depending on your type of curl some people like to be diffused a little bit more or a little bit less. Some one with a really strong curl pattern, might just want to diffuse to get some of the moisture out but not all of it. In Kelly's case because she has a more of a lazy curl we like to do few of it that 95% almost all the way dry. So we have a nice finished product fine messy wave going on here and I like to use a little bit of a non-aerosol hairspray, a wet hairspray on curly hair, just to make sure that the curl stays in the hair again because she has a lazy curls. We really want to make sure the curls set in her hair nicely.

    So I am just going to take a section of her hair and spray it and hold it there. I am going to go around the head like that, spraying it. You can scrunch it a little bit and sometimes its nice, especially, if you need a little bit more volume into the crown to spray it like that and then let it go. It gives you a little bit of lift in the crown. If I just going to scrunch the front still little bit. Alright and this is Kelly's hair just diffused with the little bit of finishing product in it. So this is option one for styling for a little messy, little more loosed wave. In our next segment Ill be showing you how to make it a little bit more of a polished look by using a curling iron. Thank you.