Finishing Face Paint Touches on the Butterfly

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Face painter Michelle Johnson demonstrates how to paint a butterfly, including how to finalize the painting.

    Michelle Johnson: Hi! I am Michelle Johnson, the Face Paint Lady here and now we are going to use some artistic touches to really finish our beautiful painted butterfly. The first thing, I would like to do is take my black and take a look at the work that I have already done. So, once again very importantly, take your brush, twist and pull, bringing your round synthetic fiber, bristled brush to a nice point. I would like to take and do curly Qs, and wonderful swirls and movements that I feel show the movement of a butterfly. Now, here s on a very important face paint tip whether you are right or left handed your pinky nail should be beautifully trimmed and very short cut because you will notice that I may be resting my hand on the child s face. This wing seems to be a little lower, no trouble, take your brush and you can even swirl up. The main thing with face painting is to have fun realizing that there are many happy accidents in painting, and that the joy of painting a child is the main beauty of what you will be doing and that the rest is kind of a bonus. So, there is your black detailing, clean your brush in between and the white and the black in all designs are lovely, lovely pop and pazzaz colors.

    Once again, as I was filling the brush with white, I was twisting and turning the brush, these brush strokes and dots are coming from a very fluid and movement action in your wrist and with your hands. The white and the black brings life and realism to your painted butterfly. When you are doing the white on or near the black, you can make a point of having the two colors interact for artistic beauty. Sometimes, I will even finish with a lovely lipstick, a color that will enhance and work with, the wing design. I always like to finish my designs with a jewel, with the butterfly face; the jewel is a magnificent little crown that is right in the place of where the butterfly s head would be.

    But we are not done, there is even more, a lovely glitter not a craft glitter but a face paint glitter, it needs to be 164th of an inch, it needs to be a hexagonal shape and it needs to be made of polyester but we are not done yet, we have a lovely butterfly head piece which we are just going to rest here of course, you would use a bobby pin to pin this down and our happy little butterfly with two sets of antennas is happy to show you the details of a flying rainbow. Thank you and we will you see you again.