Finishing Summer Assignments

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses how you can help your student finish their Summer assignments without procrastinating.

    Ann Dolin: We all know that those summer assigned to reading and math packets are the last thing students want to do over the summer. But before you know it, the week before a school creeps up and kids are panicking to get everything done.

    Is there anything you can do to avoid this situation every year? Here are three tips to get you starred.

    First, help your child breakdown summer reading and to set a routine. Even just 20 minutes of reading a day can help avoid a major headache a month down the road. Try having the reading session right after dinner, at bedtime or before they play outside.

    Second, we all know that summer math packets can be easy to push aside. A good tip is to make the work as palatable as possible. Let your student get together with a friend to work on it once a week, or encourage them to use online resources to help.


    org has tons of free math lessons for all levels and wolframalpha.

    com is a nifty online calculator that answers lots of questions.

    Lastly, if your student was struggling at any point during the school year, consider bringing in a private tutor for a summer program. A tutor can help your child to catch up or stay on track, no matter what his or her academic needs are.

    With the schedule in hand and the right approach, your child will complete summer assignments without the last-minute stress.