Finishing the Skateboard – Tightening the Trucks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skateboard Expert Keir Johnson provides tips on finishing the skateboard tightening the trucks.

    Hi guys this is Keir with Catalyst Skateboard showing you how to put a complete skateboard together. As you can see we have got the board together now. One of the last things that I do is, I adjust the trucks. So, what you want to do is actually step down and stand on the board, you want to just basically pitch back and forth and check the flexibility of the bushings. Tuck tightness is a personal preference. Some people like to have very tight trucks and some people like to have very loose trucks.

    So just go ahead and stand on your board and give yourself an idea what feels comfortable for you. In this case, I imagine you can see the trucks are quite loose, so I am going to go ahead and tighten them up a little bit. The way you do that is you take the wrench and go right over the bushing here. You are going to do clockwise turn for when you tighten it. I usually try to even my turn, so I do a half turn here and flip the board around and do the exact same turn a half turn like that. I am going to go ahead and do two on this particular setup. Now let us take a step on the board and see how it feels. If your trucks are too tight, what you want to do is actually the opposite of what we just did. Just take the skates tool and actually go back counterclockwise. I usually do quarter turns as you can see. Start with the tool facing out and do a quarter turn counterclockwise up to the wheel like that. You can do as many turns as you want. Once you get your trucks all together, that is, basically you have got a nice complete skateboard, it is read to go out there and shred. Let us go out the skate park and do some tricks.