Finishing the Tablecloth

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Seamstress Beth Bates demonstrates how to finish a tablecloth.

    Beth Bates: Hi, I am Beth Bates with Today I am teaching you how to make a lined tablecloth. We are on our final clip right now. We are going to sew the opening closed. We have turned it inside out, so this is the right side showing and if you noticed I have changed out my thread, the top to the same color as my face fabric. I have left the bobbin white however because it will be on the under side and it will match our white lining. So go ahead and place your foot a little bit above where the opening actually is and we will sew along where the seam is, all about a quarter of an inch maybe along and then when we get to the bottom, we will kind of fade out like this. So let's get started. Don't forget to back tack. As we get to the end through the back tack, and just sort of come off. Sniple this threads. Okay now for the fun part, go ahead and take your table square your tablecloth put it on the table, make sure to smooth it out nice and neat. The opening end that we just top stitched be sure to face that towards the back of the wall, ever though we did a nice neat job on it let's not invite people to look at that part. We will have the prettiest part show. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your new tablecloth.