Finishing Your Graffiti Art

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Graffiti artist Stefan Hauswald demonstrates how to finish graffiti art.

    Stefan Hauswald: Hi, I am Stefan. I am here at SCS Skatepark telling you how to do aerosol graffiti art. Now that we have done the details in the fill, now we are going to go on to the outline and when you are doing the outline, basically, you want to have the thinnest cap possible, at least that's my preference and you want to make sure you keep it clean. That's my goal to keep it as clean as possible. Let's get started. Now as I am doing my outline, I am also going to fill in my 3D. I waited to fill in my 3D because I am making my 3D black and my outline will be black as well. Before I finish my 3D, I want to come back in and I am going to add some highlights in the 3D before I finish filling in the black, just to basically add some detail to the 3D because the 3D, just leaving it black is kind of boring. Now that I am done outlining the piece, I am going to come through and put in one last detail. I am going to throw paint at my piece. There are a couple of different ways you can do this. The way I do it is I usually just take the cap of my paint and I hold it away from me and I just spray it at an angle and I fill the cap with some paint and I step back a little bit and I just take the paint and I just throw it at the wall. This kind of gives us this. The reason I like to do this at least to is because I just like to really show the medium I am using which is paint and the splattering really gives you the feel of paint. Now that we have done the piece. The last final thing to do which you want your graffiti artist to do is their final shout out and I want to give a shout out to State of Confusion Skatepark for letting me paint today and I am going to sign it with my name and date it. That's how you do a graffiti art piece.