Finishing your Meatloaf Gravy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Shannon Overmiller demonstrates how to finish meatloaf gravy.

    Shannon Overmiller: Shannon Overmiller here at The Majestic in Old Town. We are finishing up the preparation of the meatloaf dish, right now we have just finished with the whipped potatoes and now we are going to finish up the meatloaf gravy which we have previously started and it's been simmering. You can get a sense of the timing as well with all these things. Everything is pretty much coming together at the same time, which is what you want for your dinner.

    So now that we have reached a good consistency with our gravy, we want to go ahead and strain it out, this is a -- you can use a strainer anyone you have at the house, this is called a chinois. It goes right through here, you take a ladle, or anything to get through this strainer, just strain it through. At this stage I like to add the sauted mushrooms, but you don't have to, anything you want. I really like the mushrooms with the meatloaf. Like I said you could add your meatloaf juices into that as well before.

    So now you see your sauce consistency. It's a nice coating consistency again I'll show you. A little thicker but you see how it doesn't come together quick on the back of the spoon, which is what you want. At this stage you taste it, I am going to let it come down just a little bit more and I will add parsley right at the end when I finish it with butter, but at this stage I would like to add the mushrooms as well to get a flavor in there too. Let that cook for a little bit more, and go check your meatloaf.

    So now that it's reached the consistency that I like and it's been flavored a little bit with the mushrooms and the addition of thyme and tasted the seasoning , we'll see again how that coats that spoon. It's a little thicker than it was, it's very slow to run off again, that's what you want. So I finish this now with fresh parsley, a good amount, it's very good in this dish, you really want to take that. Some more butter, a good amount, off the heat, just swirl that in, it just enriches it even more, that's it, okay. That's how our sauce has been finished. So now we'll go ahead and plate the meatloaf.