Finishing Zombie Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick discusses finishing zombie makeup.

    Christopher Patrick: Hi! Christopher Patrick, Special Effects makeup artist back with Ryan Budney and we are finishing up making Nick into a horrible, horrible zombie. We have put in a nice torn up suit that we bought at the Goodwill and bloodied up, tore up and even ran over with our car.

    We are going to finish him up by treating his hands so they will look a little more dead and adding some gray to his hair and then covering him in blood. So for his hands, we are going to use the same color, Blue Spirit that we got from Ben Nye. Remember that if you buy it in another brand, you probably want the Blithe Spirit, but in Ben Nye, it's called Blue Spirit. We are using that powdered foundation this time, so it will set better on his hands and not get all over things when he is touching them, assuming that he is going to be eating and drinking at the party he is going to for Halloween or if he is just running around and trying to eat peoples brains and you don't want to get makeup on the clothes.

    So with this, we are going to use hydro-sponges; these are a water sponge and this is activated with water. So we are just going to wet our sponge, get some makeup on it and really quickly just go over his hands, we don't need them to be real, real, real blue, we just want him to look pale and dead. Okay, once it's nice and blue, I am going to go back in with a little bit of my cream black and I am just going to darken in between the bones of his hand, and that will give him a little more depth. Ryan is going to go back in with the burgundy and modeled his arms like we did on his face to make sure that the skin matches. Anywhere, where there is bones protruding, going around them with a little bit of black will make that bone stand out a little more. The next thing we are going to do is we are going to add a little Hair White to the hair. This is Mehron's hair white and what I like about it is - you are going to put it on just like it's liquid paper. And you are just going to sort of pull it through the hair and let it dry a little bit, and then you can mess it up and it will go to like a soft gray tone. So now we are going to finish up by blooding our zombie up. We are going to use two types of blood today. We are going to use a thick Ben Nye gel blood as well as a Ben Nye liquid stage blood. What's nice about the gel blood is that it will hold up all day, you don't have to worry so much about reapplying and it will stay where you put it. So we are going to put some like in these little wounds on his head and it's nice because it looks really scabby. So we will do some right at the edges of where his lip has been bitten out, maybe rubs among the teeth. So it looks like he has been enjoying some fresh brands. And then anywhere if we wanted to put any around the eyes, we would do that with the gel blood because it will just stay nicer. Alright, now we are going to finish up with some liquid blood, this one is nice because it's got a zesty mint flavor. I am going to pour this just under the teeth and let it run out over the gum line. And we will put some in his hair; we are friends, right Nick?

    And then we can freshen up some of the blood on his suit. And Voila! You have a horrifying flesh- eating zombie.