Finishing Zombie Prosthetics

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick discusses zombie prosthetics.

    Christopher Patrick: So moving on with our zombie makeup. The next thing we are going to do is, we really wanted -- we've created these ridges to make it look like his skull is protruding, and the best way to sell that idea is to work on the bridge of the nose. So we are going to create a little ridge out of cotton, to right across the bridge of this nose, to make it look like the nose below where the cartilage has dissipated. And then we are going to continue on by covering the whole thing with the skin that we are going to make out of toilet paper. So once that ridge is in place we are just going to do what we have been doing. We are going to then take the liquid latex and went it over.

    Now that we are sort of working up by the eye area, you do want to again remind your model that this smells bad, and that it might cause your eyes water, but there is no alarm. Where we said it was okay with this stuff to not worry too much about facial hair. I would not get liquid latex in somebody's eyebrows, nor get it anywhere near their eyelashes or on their eyelids. Your eyelids are extremely thin, and you don't want to put anything that you are going to have to stretch and pull off later on eyelids.

    So, now that, that bound ridges is in place we are going to -- our next step is just to sort of work on the lower part his face. We are going to add some latex, and tissue to him to give him some loose, wrinkly skin. So, first thing we are going to do is just sort of apply a layer of liquid latex over most of the area. And then we are going to lay sheets of toilet paper, just right over the top, in place, and create little wrinkles with it. So, first thing I am going to do with this toilet paper is now over this wet area, I am really just going of lay the piece of toilet paper on, and pinch it into a little wrinkly shapes. It doesn't matters if it tears, that all will work for you in the end. And then at the bottom I am going to tatter it a little. So it will look like sort of hanging skin when we are all set and done. Now with the sponge I am going to go ahead and take a little more liquid latex, and just saturate all the ways thorough this.

    So, we are continuing on adding his rotted flesh. We are going to add some down on his chin, and some on his nose, just to blend off that area that we have created. I am not going to put any on the tip of his nose, because I am going to make it look like the tip of his nose has rotted off. So our next still effect we are going to do is we are going to create a torn up forehead. So, latex is going to stick, wherever you put it. But if you put down a little Vaseline first it won't stick to the Vaseline. But you can work right over it. So what I am going to do is I am going to create a couple of little places on his forehead, where we can put down a layer of latex and then scratch it and create an effect. So, I am just going to take a little bit of Vaseline and rub it across the center of his forehead, in a place where I wanted to tear. And than with the sponge we are going to literally just latex his whole forehead. And you are going to go right over the Vaseline and on each side of the Vaseline, being very careful not to go into his eyebrows.

    And then after we get a thin layer, I am going to quickly blow dry that. And we are going to add a second layer right on top. Cool, so we have got a second thin coat on. And once again we are going to blow dry it. Once you have that nice and dry, you are going apply a little bit of a neutral set powder. You can use baby powder for this if you can't find neutral set powder. But at any place if you buy a makeup, or you buy latex you should be able to get neutral set powder. We are just going to powder it, because latex actually even in its dry form sticks to itself. If you have ever worn latex surgical gloves, they are always really powdery that's to keep the latex from tearing itself.

    So once that's nice and powdered, what I am going to do as I remember, I ran the Vaseline right across his forehead. I am literally just going to scratch and it's going to peel away the latex, just in the areas where there was Vaseline. And this is a great way to show rowing flesh. Also the latex that we laid down, will create little wrinkles on its own, and if you have your model lifted their eyebrows and move around, it will actually create some wrinkles. Can you do that for us? And for about 15-20 minutes these wrinkles will become deeper and deeper set as you go, go on. So, that's a way to make some nice torn up flesh. So our next step when we come back it's going to be to put some makeup on this guy and start really solidifying his zombie look.