Fire Safety and Burn Prevention – Cooking

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Dan Dillard, Executive Director of the Burn Prevention Network discusses cooking safety and how to prepare a meal without burning Someone! Cooking activities are a major cause of burn injuries in America. This video explains how to eliminate hazards in and around the kitchen, how to extinguish a grease fire, microwave safety and even what clothing is the safest to cook in.

    Dan Dillard: Hi! I am Dan Dillard of the Burn Prevention Network. Today, I am talking about home fire safety and burn prevention, and now I am going to discuss cooking safety, preparing a meal without burning someone.

    Cooking is one of the major causes of burn injury in the home. Over a hundred thousand cooking related injuries are documented in the U.

    S each year. That's why it's important to create a no-kid zone around your stove and oven and carry a timer when away from the stove.

    What are some stove top safety tips?

    Well, first, use backburners whenever possible and turn pot handles to the sides so that can't is bumped. Use a burner that most nearly matches the size of your pan and skillet.

    What do you do if a pan of grease catches fire?

    First, turn the burner or oven off. Then slide a tight fitting lid over the pan from the front to the rear. If it's in the oven, leave the door shut. Never throw water or flour on fire to smother it, and never attempt to move the burning pan. That will only fan the flames.

    What about microwave safety?

    Remove food coverings from the rear to the front so the steam vents away from your arms. Always stir food thoroughly to mix hot and cooler spots. Most important, always supervise young children when they are using a microwave.

    What about the clothing and wearing while cooking?

    Avoid loose hangings sleeves; they catch on fire very easily. Use approved oven mittens that extend at least midway up the arm.

    So take these precautions and you and your family can enjoy a great meal without a trip to the hospital.