Fire Safety – Candles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Dan Dillard, Executive Director of the Burn Prevention Network discusses the fire and burn injury risks of using candles in your home. It also suggests safe and satisfying alternatives to lit candles for decorating.

    Dan Dillard: Hi! I am Dan Dillard of the Burn Prevention Network. Today I am talking about Home Fire Safety and Burn Prevention. And now I am going to discuss the use of candles in the home. How can I enjoy the glow and fragrance of a candle safely? Well, jar candles are the safest to use.

    Pillar candles on a broad-based holder and Tea lights floating in water are the next safest. Avoid placing flammable candle rings, or decorations at the base of lit candles. And always extinguish candles when leaving the immediate area for an extended time, or whenever leaving the house, even for a short time.

    Trim the wick to one quarter inch after each burning, lookup when burning a candle. Heat rises. Be sure nothing flammable is directly above the lit candle. Consider using electric candles with flickering bulbs. Unplug these as well when leaving the area.

    Flameless candles with scent packs provide both the ambiance and smell of a burning candle without the danger of an open flame. I hope these tips I've shared with you will help you enjoy the beauty and fragrance of candles in your home without leading to a tragic fire.