Fire Safety – Gasoline and Accelerants in Your Garage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Dan Dillard, Executive Director of the Burn Prevention Network discusses the most explosive substance that most people keep around their home; gasoline. It will explain why gasoline is so dangerous, what it should and should not be used for, how and where to properly store gasoline at home and some do’s and don’ts for using gasoline and other common accelerants.

    Dan Dillard: Hi! I am Dan Dillard of the Burn Prevention Network. Today, I am talking about home fire safety and burn prevention. Now, I'm going to discuss the bomb in your garage, gasoline and other accelerants.

    Gasoline is a common fuel stored in and around most homes. When used properly for its intended purposes, it is almost indispensable. However, if stored or used improperly it can become one of the most explosive liquids known to man.

    The only safe use of gasoline is to power engines and how and where should I store my gasoline supply?

    First, gasoline should only be stored in an Underwriter Labs approved container with two vents, colored red, and labeled as gasoline. Store only small quantities, enough for your immediate needs.

    Store your gasoline container away from your home, not in the basement. The storage area should be cool, well-ventilated and a class B fire extinguisher should be nearby.

    When refilling your gasoline container at the pump, always place the container on the ground while fueling. Never fill the gas tank of a lawn mower or other small engine while it is still hot. Wait for it to cool down first. Wash off or flush spilled gasoline from skin or eyes immediately and thoroughly rinse any clothing or rags on which gasoline has spilled and hang them in the open air to dry. Do not throw these items in a hamper or a pile.

    I hope this video has helped you to respect the destructive power of one of the more common household substances, gasoline. By applying the tips we have reviewed you can diffuse that bomb in your garage.