Fire Safety – Home Escape Plan

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Dan Dillard, Executive Director of the Burn Prevention Network discusses Your Home Fire Escape Plan – Getting Out Alive! He reviews why it is vitally important to have and practice a plan, the components of a home escape plan, what to do once you are out of the house and what to do should you be trapped inside.

    Dan Dillard: Hi I am Dan Dillard of the Burn Prevention Network. Today I am talking about Home Fire Safety and Burn Prevention, and now I am going to discuss your Home Escape Plan, getting out alive. Why isn't important to have prepared a Home Fire Escape Plan?

    Well, one reason is, one only has 3-4 minutes to escape, once your smoke alarm sound, and why should that plan be practiced by everyone several times a year? It's important to know exactly what you are going to do and where you are going to do it?

    A real fire is always black, not white or red like in the movies. Visibility will be near zero, and what are the components of a Home Fire Escape Plan? First, identify two ways out of each room. Coil low under the smoke, where there is breathable air. Test doors before opening with the back of your hand. If the door is hot, don't open it; go for your second exit. If it's not hot, slowly open the door and proceed through exit. And now for a difficult step, don't stop to gather pets or belongings. It may cost you your life.

    Assign a family member to assist young children and impaired persons. It's important to pre identifies a common meeting place, such as the mailbox. Everyone goes to the meeting place, so everyone can be accounted for. Then call 911 from a cell phone or go to a neighbor's phone. Never call from inside your home, and never go back in. So what do I do if I can't get out?

    Take shelter in a room with a window; fill the space under and around doors with clothes or sheets to block the entrance of smoke. Cracking window a bit to allow fresh air to come in and hang clothing or a blanket outside, so the fire fighters will see you are there.

    Now, use this information to prepare and practice a plan for your home, it may make the difference between life and death.