Fireball in the Sky App

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The Desert Fireball Network announces their Fireball in the Sky, or FITS, app that allows citizen scientists to join in on tracking meteors an other fireballs in the sky.

    The Desert Fireball Network is calling all armchair astronomers.  Contribute to the fight against fireballs, or the tracking of them anyway.   The new software called Fireballs in the Sky, or FITS,  allows both IOS and Android users to track the paths of meteors and other fireballs.   When you see a meteorite, simply hold your smartphone up to the sky.   A map of the stars will appear so you can indicate where the fireball started and ended. And if enough observations of the fireball are made to determine a trajectory, you might get some information back.  You might find out that your fireball came from the outer asteroid belt or that it was a chunk of a comet. The project has a matrix of cameras throughout Australia to help capture fireballs on camera while they soar through the skies in order to calculate origins and orbit of meteors.