Fireworks Safety

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Whimer with Phantom Fireworks shows us some tips on fireworks safety.

    Bill Weimer: Hi! I'm Bill Weimer with Phantom Fireworks. Today we're going to talk about one of my favorite topics, consumer fireworks: how to select them, how to use them properly, and in a safe way.

    Now, first, we're going to talk about things like how to select your fireworks from a reputable dealer like Phantom. We're going to talk about how to select your launch site, for instance, to make sure that you have plenty of distance between the location where you're actually shooting the products, and where the audience is located.

    We're going to talk about how to light your products, how to use extended lighting devices to make sure that you're far enough away from the products, so that you stay safe. Then finally, we're going to talk about disposal of the products, how to make sure when you're done, the area is clean and safe.

    Before we get started, I'd like to go over some of the safety items that you'll need when you're using fireworks. Certainly, a ready source of water, a connected hose is best, or in absence of connected hose, a fire extinguisher, even a bucket of water will do just in case of an emergency. You need an extended lighting device, pyro-torch, punk, extended butane lighter. We also recommend some gloves and some glasses for those people in close proximity to the fireworks or in the fallout zone.

    Today, there's such a wide variety of consumer fireworks with vibrant and great colors and super effects. Take it from me, the more safe you are in using the products, the more fun you'll have. Phantom is one of the nation's leading consuming firework retailers, having been in business for over 30 years. At Phantom, we sell all consumer fireworks products from sparklers to 500-gram aerial repeaters. We want you to have the latest and greatest in consumer firework products, and we want you to use them in a safe manner.

    So, let's get started and let's talk about the basics you need to know about consumer firework safety.