Fireworks Safety – Extinguishing and Cleaning up the Fireworks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Whimer with Phantom Fireworks explains how to properly clean up and dispose your fireworks after use.

    Bill Weimer: Hi, I am Bill Weimer with Phantom Fireworks and today we are talking about the importance of consumer fireworks safety and the importance of proper clean up and disposal when you are done with your fireworks display.

    It is very important to remember that these products can keep smoldering for a while after they are done. So the best thing to do no matter what the product is, douse it with water when you are done and leave it outside overnight. Then you are sure it's cool and it's not going to start any residual fires. Never store spent products inside, unless they have cured at least overnight.

    Be respectful of your neighbors. Don't shoot late at night, let your neighbors know in advance that you are going to be shooting fireworks, so they can join you and enjoy it and they can also protect their pets, have somebody stay with their pets or even take their pets off the property until you are done with the fireworks display.

    Rockets leave litter as do a lot of the other products, so it is very important that you clean up your litter, particularly litter that may end up on your neighbor's property like spent rockets.

    Check your local ordinances to determine if there are any restrictions on shooting fireworks in your neighborhood. You can check it online or you can even call your local Fire Department to get the correct information.

    We hope this information has been helpful to you in understanding the proper and safe use of consumer fireworks to enable you and your family to have a wonderful celebration with fireworks this year. Celebrate with fireworks and do so safely.

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