Fireworks Safety – Lighting the Fireworks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Whimer with Phantom Fireworks shows us how to safely light your fireworks and what tools work best.

    Bill Weimer: Hi, I am Bill Weimer from Phantom Fireworks and today we are talking about the importance of fireworks safety and how to light the product. First thing you do is make sure when you setup your product that it's setup so that the fuses are all facing the igniter, so that you don't have to reach over any product when you are igniting the fuses.

    Use an extended lighting device, a butane-lighter with a long neck, punk a pyro torch so that you make sure that no part of your body is over the product when you light the product. Do it with an extended arm keeping your body as far away from the product as possible.

    When lighting the products remember to maintain the distances between the launch side and the audience. Pace it off to make sure that you are ensuring that you are following the proper distances.

    Make sure that you wear protective covering; eyes, gloves very important and remember, make sure that you light just one product at a time and of course, as soon you light it, back away, and move 20 to 25 feet away from the product.

    Another good thing to remember is to wear long sleeves. Wear something that won't melt, won't burn. A long sleeve cotton shirt is best. I realize it's though when you are doing this on the summer nights, but it's going to be tougher if a spark comes out and burns you. So wear a long sleeve shirt.

    Now, that we have talked about how to light the products, let's talk about clean up and disposal; a very important part of the firework's process.