Fireworks Safety – Selecting a Launch Site

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Whimer with Phantom Fireworks shares some tips on how to select a launch site for your fireworks.

    Bill Weimer: Hi! I'm Bill Weimer with Phantom Fireworks, and today we're talking about fireworks safety, and how to select a proper launch site.

    The launch site is the immediate area where you're actually lighting the firework products. You must maintain a proper distance between the launch site and your audience.

    For fountains and other ground-based items, we recommend a minimum of 25-30 feet. For aerial repeaters, tubes, and other aerial items, we recommend a minimum of 150 feet. The wider and more wide open area you have for your shooting area and launch site, the better.

    Your launch site should be a flat level surface. Never shoot on grass, sand, or gravel. If that's where you're going to be doing your shooting, take a piece of plywood and lay it down, and that will give your hard level flat surface.

    Make sure your launch area is clear of all combustible dried leaves and debris and anything like that. Rake it up if you have to.

    When you have your source of water available, it's a good idea to assign someone the task of being the fireman. Let that person follow the products down to the ground and make sure if something ignites, the fireman is there to deal with that kind of an issue. It's very important that you watch for fires set by the products.

    In real dry conditions, it's a great idea to spray down the launch area with water in advance, so that you avoid the prospect of any sparks catching the dry grass on fire.

    Make sure you consider the wind conditions when you're shooting fireworks. A change in the wind may require you either to change your launch site, move the audience, or even discontinue shooting until the wind dies down.

    Now that we've talked about some of the basics of how to select your launch site, let's talk a little more specifically about how to light the fireworks.