Fishing Basics – Basic Gear for Spin Fishing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ken Estes, fishing expert with L.L.Bean goes over the basic gear you’ll need for spin fishing.

    Ken Estes: Hi! My name is Ken Estes. I am a fishing expert at L.


    Bean here in Freeport, Maine. And today we would like to talk about all the tackle you are going to need to get started which is, you don't really need a whole lot.

    We are looking at some basic gear here, I have got two rods here on the table, what we would like to talk about is selecting a rod for the appropriate species that you're targeting. If I was going after a panfish or trout, I would be using an ultra white outfit such as this. If I was going for larger species such as bass or salmon, I would be using a medium action rod such as this.

    You will also want to pick appropriate lures that match what you're fishing for. You will also want to keep in mind that every rod has a lure weight rating on it, and you want to match the weight of your lures to what your rod is rated for.

    You want to pick lures that are appropriate to the species that you're targeting. If I was fishing for panfish or trout, I'd be using smaller lures such as this. If I was targeting bass or salmon, I'd be using lures along these lines which are little heavier, little bigger. Doing some research in your area of the fish that you will be casting for, will also help in your selection of lures. Now let's talk a little bit about fishing with bait. On most of my rods, I will rig the end of it with snap swivel right here. This makes it very easy when you are fishing with lures to clip in and out of your lures instead of retying knots all the time.

    If I was going to be fishing with bait, I would simply give myself packet of hooks with leaders on them; clip that right in to my snap swivel. I would attach a split shot just above the hook and then I would put a float about two or three feet up from that and rig my hook with bait such as worms or live minnow and cast it out there and wait for the fish to bite.

    Let's talk a little bit about a basic tool that everybody should have. I always carry a pair of nippers for trimming my knots, very inexpensive, very easy to use. This pair right here happens to have a hook file on it so I can sharpen my hooks. It's on, what we refer to as a zinger so I can attach, pin this right to my shirt. And it has a retractor on it and that way if I drop it, I don't lose it.

    Some other personal things I carry with me. I always have a pair of sunglasses, I like them to be polarized, gives you little more eye protection. It lets you see a little better into the water; it cuts the glare on the water.

    Insect repellent, should the bugs be coming out and of course, some sun block, everybody should use skin protection in some degree.

    We could talk for hours on tackle and rods and reels but this is just some basic equipment that you need to get started.