Fishing Basics – Best Places to Catch Fish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ken Estes, fishing expert with L.L.Bean goes over the best places to catch fish.

    Ken Estes: My name is Ken Estes, fishing expert here at L.


    Bean in Freeport, Maine. Today, we would like to talk about where you can go and what you can catch.

    It's as easy as contacting your local tackle shop or your State Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

    Probably, the most prevalent species to target in the beginning is going to be bass and panfish. They readily take a variety of lures and are easy for the children to catch.

    It's a great activity for kids to stay active. It gets them out of the house and into the out of doors.

    Local ponds, rivers, lakes in your area can easily be accessed in most neighborhoods, and it's a simple matter of just contacting your local tackle shop, or again your Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department through your state, and there is also local guides that will show you waters that are very productive and show you a really great day on the water.

    Lastly, and probably most important, make sure you get the proper licenses. This can be obtained through your local tackle shop or sporting goods store, whether you'd be a resident or non-resident.

    We hope this information has given you some direction in getting started in a great sport of spin fishing.