Fit-in Fitness Tricks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor of Fitness Magazine, provides tips on how to squeeze fitness into your busy day. Follow these simple ideas and stay healthy!

    Mary Anderson: Hi, I am Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor at Fitness Magazine, and we hear it all the time, you are too busy to workout, especially if you are working mom. But the truth is if you find just two ten minute power walks in your day, you have already met the weekly minimum that experts recommend. In fact it's your pick. You can either do 30 minutes sessions, five times a week at a moderate pace like a 3.

    5 mile per hour walk, or if you turn up the intensity to a 5 mile per hour walk or jog, you can do just three 20 minutes sessions per week to hit that weekly minimum. Now your first step is, you are going to schedule your workouts, just like you do your other appointments. Put it in your cell phone, put it on your email, put it on your desk calendar. You aim is to just get more checkmarks than blanks in those workout spots. So don't sweat it, and if you don't get that workout in, there is plenty of ways to sneak it in during the day. You have heard it before, experts tell us to walk during our lunch hour, well, here is how you can do it. Order your lunch from the place that's about 5 to 10 minutes away and don't stop walking until you get there even if you have to turn around the block and the key is, keep your pace peppy. You want to be around 3.

    5 miles an hours, 3 miles per hour, so that you are not just window shopping but actually getting a cardio workout. Now when you get back to the office, you got to remember every ones in a while just stand up from your desk. Experts tell us we have a fat burning pilot light and that can go out with too many hours of desk sitting. Every hour or so walk for 5 minutes around the office, just make sure you don't stay seated the entire time. And when you do come back to your desk, there are some sneaky tricks you can use to get a great workout for your rear end. Try this simple squat. Before you let your read end hit the seats, stand right back up, do a few of those squats even trying on one leg, and you have done a real great read end work out. Another way is when you take the stairs; take them two at a time. The higher the incline, the more the glutes work and you really want to work these muscles who have been sitting all day long. And there you go, those are just the few ways to fit in exercise into your busy schedule.

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