Fit Over 50 – Bicept Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructor Margie Weiss demonstrates how to get fit over 50 including exercises for the biceps.

    Margie Weiss: Hi! I am Margie Weiss. This video is getting fit over 50, and the segment is Biceps and Triceps, two opposing muscles. For the biceps there is a lot of different positions that you can do for biceps. It is not just the regular curl that you have seen in the gym of olden days. We can do a lot of different variety of hand positions so that we can get different potions of the bicep. You can be sitting on a ball, on a bench, you can be standing. And the first one is the basic one which you all probably know, where your hands are just dangling to the side and the palms are directly forwards and you just coming up towards you shoulder, pretend like there is a tennis ball at your shoulder. So you don't quite come up and touch your shoulder but you do want to go all the way down at the bottom.

    So notice on this one that the palms are up. You can change that position into a hammer position by just rotating a quarter of a degree until then same thing you don't quite touch, belly is in nice and tight, back is nice and straight. On a bicep people tend to want to move their back rather than move the biceps. So you want the stabilize the back by belly into the backbone and glutes tight. Head is neutral or slightly down, if the biceps curl bothers your neck at all. Watch the hand grip, you don't want to hold it so tightly, but you got tight knuckles. Yeah. Then you can also do a reverse curl, so your palms are down and the bar or the weight is coming up. You can do this with hand weights, you can do with a bar, you can do with a tubes, you can do with nothing at all. You can do with gallon of a milk in the grocery store, if you are not shy. This is a reverse curl. Then we can also take these positions on a diagonal, out to the sides. So she we are going to do a regular bicep curl rather than coming straight forwards, she can angle it slightly to the side and what that does is get around the under side of the biceps to make it a slightly more shapely look. She can do it with the palms up, leading with the knuckles having no wrist joint. She can also do in an hammer grip where the top of the weight is straight to the ceiling, feels like you are hammering on the way down. If your shoulders are flexible enough, you can actually take your hands almost completely to the side and do a bicep curl with them. Notice Christina has pretty loose shoulders so she can do it to the side and her little finger is actually leading on the way up, it would help us to get the area of the bicep in the back a little bit more. So three different types. You can be front, you can be on a diagonal, or you could be straight to the side and you can rotate your wrist to get a different workout for the biceps. Once you have done the biceps the opposite muscle is the triceps.