Fitting Boot and Trouser Cut Jeans

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mauro Farinelli with the Denim bar is going to teach you how to pick up the perfect pair of jeans.

    Hi, my name is Mauro Farinelli. I am with the Denim bar. Today, I am going to teach you how to pick up the perfect pair of jeans. Now, the models are both in different jeans. Jeff is in a boot cut. The block once again is fitted because it is supposed to be a fitted jean. It's a little looser in his quads and then the jean flairs out a little because it s a boot cut.

    If he turns around once again the jean fits across the small of his back. Once again, this particular type of jean, the pockets are going to fit lower so they are not going to fit high up on just butt. Two key factors are the rise, the front rise and the back rise of the jean. The rise has a lot to do with how the jean is going to fit you or what the fit is supposed to be like. This is a typical nine inch rise, 13 inch rise in the back. Jeff is very tall with very long legs. Technically, if you wanted to wear a more business oriented, everyday jean would have a higher rise. So, it might fit higher on his actual waist. This particular jean is a traditional men s low rise. So, that it s going to fit a little lower. It s going to sit down to where it will give Jeff this particular look.

    When Jeff turns back around, the rise will fit up how on his waist and then the buttons will lie flat. It s very important to know that when you are speaking with a Sales Associate or you are going to pick out jeans by yourself is what kind of rise you feel comfortable in because you might be thinking you want one jean when in fact, you really want another.

    Emily, here is wearing a trouseresque jean. It looks great on her. It s flat through the crotch. It s very nice to the leg and then it opens up to give it that trouser wide leg look. When she turns around, once again, the waist band fits perfect against the small of her back. The pocket placement here, instead of a yoke or is darts, the pocket fits high up on Emily s butt which gives Emily a nice rounded butt. That is important to know when you are buying jeans because the dart and the yoke will always, though they are doing the same thing, giving the jean contour, they will give them completely different looks. Because there is no yoke, the pocket can technically fit much higher. So, for people with a rounder butt or a - it can emphasize the bum.

    The back of the leg is still relatively tight and then flairs out as a proper trouser should. If Emily turns around one more time, this is a key, just a little extra tidbit, the little pin tucking is supposed to give a slimming effect on the leg.