Fitting Loose and Carrot Fit Jeans

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mauro Farinelli with the Denim Bar is going to teach you how to pick up the perfect pair of jeans.

    Mauro Farinelli: Hi, my name is Mauro Farinelli, I am with the Denim Bar, today I am going to teach you how to pick up the perfect pair of jeans. Next we have Emily and Jeff and in even in a different body style which is very important to know when you are going to look for designer jeans. Jeff here is wearing a more relaxed jean. Compared to the previous segment you can see it s more relaxed through Jeff s leg and falls down a little wider. When Jeff turns around, once again the jean falls small against flat of his back and then it is more loose through seat and the quads.

    Emily, she comes out, she is wearing a Carrot Fitted Jean, it s supposed to be baggy in the crotch. The reason I picked this particular jean to show you is because, if you are wearing a fitted jean, this is definitely not the fit you are going for. So, if anybody tries to say otherwise, you know it s wrong. The carrot fitted jean through the block is supposed to be very, very baggy, which it is and them tapers down into a hip little straight leg. When Emily turns around it is still high and flat against the small of her back which is key, the yoke brings it down and the pocket placement still sits on her butt. This particular jean because of the yoke is so low it will drag the seat down. Once again through the back there is a lot of room back here to give it that affect.

    When you are buying designer jeans, you need to specifically know the look you are going for. If you want a relaxed jean, woman or man or if you wanted a fitted jean, woman or man, you need to go in with a mind set that you might not get the jean you really want, because it might not be the best jean for your body type. Doing this how to video we want to make sure that the jean buying process is made simpler for you. So, you need to understand the rise, the block and the drape of the jean, through the front. In the back we are going to make sure always the jean falls flat against the small of your back and then blouces out accordingly to the style you want. Next, I am going to show you how to care for your designer jean.