Fitting Skinny Jeans

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mauro Farinelli with the Denim Barwill will teach you how to fit the perfect pair of jeans.

    Mauro Farinelli: Hi, my name is Mauro Farinelli; I am with the Denim Bar. Today, I am going to teach you how to pick up the perfect pair of jeans. Right now we have Jeff and Emily as a fit models and I am going to show you, how to fit the perfect pair of jeans. When you are fitting the perfect pair of jeans you want to start from the waist band and work your way down. Jeff is wearing a skinny jean. He loves wearing skinny jeans and here is what you have to be able to look for, whether it s a skinny jean or wide leg jean, they are basic fit standards. The block of the jean, the block means to be fitted smooth and tight. It shouldn t be any access bagginess in the quad or around the block. When Jeff turns around though the yoke of the jean is dropped and the pockets are low. The flat of his back the jean lays flat. There is no gapping. There should never be any gapping in the jean, no matter how loose it is or how snug it is, the flat of your back, the denim should lie across. In this particular jean, the yoke is dropped so the pockets are lower giving him that affect, but the back of the jean is perfect where it is fitted through the hamstring and then there are appropriate whishkering hits Jeff at his knee joint.

    Next we have Emily, once again when she standing up there is no sagginess through the block. Its nice and fitted, it s a very fitted through the quad which woman if you are buying premium denim and fitted jeans that s how the jean is supposed to fit. When you are dealing with your sales associates you need to let them know exactly what you are looking for because, if you are saying one thing and that s what the sales associates bringing you and that s not what you mean, it gets very, very confusing and gets aggravating and the sales associate. Emily is also wearing a fitted jean so that like Jeff it s fitted through the block, it s fitted through the quad. She turns around, the jean is snug against the small of your back, there is no access pouring over her waist. The way the yoke hits and the pocket placement sits on her butt gives her a nice shaped butt which woman that s I know what they are going for. The hamstrings once again, it s very fitted through the back and the wishkering is hitting the correct location of her leg.