Five-Minute Door Fixes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Doors get out of whack. They bind, rub and fail to latch. In this video series, Gary Wentz, Editor at The Family Handyman magazine, shows DIYers some quick and easy fixes for door problems, plus how to remove a door without strain and how to shorten the bottom of a door successfully.

    [Music Playing]Gary Wentz: Hi! I'm Gary Wentz, an Editor with the Family Handyman Magazine, the leader in DIY Home Improvement. Today I'm going to talk about five minute door fixes, quick, easy repairs you can do yourself even if you have no carpentry experience. I'm going to show you how to fix a sticky door the one that won't open without a good tug. I'm going to show you how to remove a heavy door without breaking your back. How to cut off the bottom of the door that's driving on carpet or flooring, and finally, I'm going to show you some fixes for a door that won't close without a good hard shove. We've have built a little stuff here to show you how door fits into a wall. It starts with the framing carpenters who frame a rough opening into the wall, later after the drywall is up, the trim carpenter comes along sets the door in the rough opening, packs shims in between the door jamb and the framing and then drives big finish nails through the jamb into the framing. Trouble occurs because all of this stuff can move, word, shrinks, swells, door itself can warp, your whole house moves slightly over the years. And although all this movement is small, it can lead to big trouble for you. Most of these fixes require nothing other than basic hand-tools, but you'll probably need a cordless drill, and you may need a belt sander or a circular saw too. And keep in mind that power tools are dangerous, and be sure to play it safe. Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I've been an editor with the Family Handyman for almost 20 years, and I was a carpenter for several years before that. Family Handyman Magazine is a very best source for in-depth home improvement help. So let's get started with five minute fixes for common door problems.