Fixing Squeaks Through Carpeting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travis Larson from Family Handyman Magazine shows you how to fix floor squeaks underneath carpeting.

    Travis Larson: Hi! I'm Travis Larson from Family Handyman Magazine, the leading DIY magazine in the United States.

    Today we're going to talk about floor squeaks and we're going to start by talking about floor squeaks, underneath the carpeted floor when you don't have access from the basement. Since we're in our studio we can show you exactly what's causing this squeaks underneath this carpeting. Let me peel back this carpeting and we'll see the culprit it's this nail head right here, that nail is causing the trouble. This plywood is moving up and down and rubbing on the shank of that nail, let me stand up and I'll prove it to you.

    See that move that means there is a gap between the sub-floors and the floor joist, we know this squeak is in this general areas, so we have to find the framing, because that's where the nail is that's causing this squeaks. So we're going start probing with the nail until this nail won't go into really easily, which mean we found that joist where the nail is.

    Once we find a framing we're going to leave that nail in and pull out the others, so we'll don't forget where that framing is. After you found the framing, you need to separate the fibers and cut the backing and the pad, because if you don't when you are going to send a screw in there the head, this is going to create it divot in your carpet, but be very careful when you separate those fibers and try and cut as few as you can, because it's going to show, if you got a bunch of fibers, as you have a little flaw in your carpet, so cut that slit run the screw in, then pull the carpet to side as you set the head.

    We are just showing how to fix squeaks under carpeting when you don't have access from below, if have that problem at home follow the tips and you'll be able to solve the same squeaks we did.