Fixing Squeaks Under Hardwood Floors

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travis Larson from Family Handyman Magazine shows you how to fix floor squeaks under a hardwood floor.

    Travis Larson: Hi, I am Travis Larson from Family Handyman Magazine, the leader in DIY information.

    We've been talking about floor squeaks and now we're going to talk about floor squeaks under a hardwood floor. It can be caused by a of couple of different things, squeaks can happen between the sub-floor and the floor-joyce when a nail head or a nail shank is squeaking, right here, or it can happen from the toenails that held the hardwood floor to the sub-floor.

    So start by eliminating this squeak first. Drive shims between the sub-floor and floor-joyce and then put a beat of Construction Adhesive underneath here to bridge the gap. If the shims and the Construction Adhesive didn't work that means the problem is a squeak between the hardwood and the sub-floor, so what we're going to do is drill pilot holes from the basement and run screws up to pull that down and eliminate those floor squeaks. Before you can do that you have to know how thick you floor is because the last thing you want is for screws to coming up to your finished floor -- it's kind of hard on your feet. So, if you've got heat registers, we can figure out the floor thickness that way or if you have radiators there's an escutcheon that you can remove and look down through that rough hole to figure out how thick your floor is. This case, we have a heat register. You can peel this metal aside -- sometime there is a nail you have to pop but most of the time you can get at this thing and see down into the basement and figure out how thick this is. Then what you want to do is take an 8 inch drill bit and mark it so you're not over drilling, and we're going to go down the basement and drill a whole bunch of holes through the sub-floor, partially into the hardwood and suck this down with screws, eliminating the squeak. So follow these tips and techniques and you'll be able to deal with the squeaks under your hardwood floor.