Fixing Stair Squeaks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travis Larson, an Editor for Family Handyman Magazine, shows you how to fix floor squeaks underneath stairs.

    Travis Larson: Hi, I am Travis Larson, an Editor for Family Handyman Magazine. I am going to tell your how to fix floor squeaks today underneath stairs.

    You can usually fix squeaks from up above by drilling screws into the stringers here and you run drywall screws, three-inch drywall screws, through the treads, the part you walk on, right into the stringers. So find the exact center of the stair tread upstairs and run three-inch drywall screws right into this. If that doesn't fix the squeak, you're going to have to approach the problem from underneath.

    The first step is to cock any inside corner where wood meets wood. That will fill any voids, and this stuff dries as hard as a rock, so you want to make sure you force it in any gaps in a odd squeak. So after you have the construction adhesive in all those joints, go back with the shim and force it into the joints to make sure those gaps are filled. The next step in the process is to screw the risers the vertical parts to the treads, the part you actually walk on and take out any play or any flex on the part that you walk on in case there is a squeak between these two pieces of wood. So we are going to drive some 2 inch screws through the risers in slide down angle, if you've got a gap down here to make sure you don't come out on top of the tread and that will tie everything together real nice.

    The third step is to take care of the 2 x 4 rest against the studs in the basement or the second floor. Carpenters are supposed to toe-screw these or toe-nail them when they build the house but oftentimes they get lazy and skip that step. So we are going to run toe-screws into each stud through that to 2 x 4 and tie this whole stairway to the wall. That's it. These stairs are squeak-free. Follow those tips and you'll be able to have a squeaks free set of stairs at your house, good luck.