Flaming Fire House Chili

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Firehouse Chef Tom Papoutsis demonstrates how to make spicy firehouse chili.

    Tom Papoutsis: Today, we're going to make chili for about 12-14 hungry firefighters. At this point, we're going to start preparing our vegetables. We're going to start with our tomatoes. These are so easy to dice. Next, we're going to go to our onions, and we're just going to chop it, just like that. Next thing we're going to cut are green bell pepper. I'm going to take my garlic, give it a whack. That skin will come right off of there. Now we chop this. So we're going to use our jalapeo, get the seeds out of there, same old is true for the habanero. So we'll just go ahead and chop these up.

    Once you do this, do not touch your eyes. As you can see, we've actually softened up those onions, green peppers, the garlic in there, salt and pepper, our ground beef is nice and brown at this point. We're going to start incorporating things here, just dump that right in there. We're going to start introducing our spices; chili powder, some paprika, cumin. Now, we're going to add our tomatoes. We're going to mix those around. We have to put-in our jalapeo and habaneros. Remember, with chili, you're going to make it to what you want. If you don't want a lot of heat, back off on the peppers.

    Next, we're going to put-in some tomato paste. Chocolate adds a wonderful flavor to chili for whatever reason, I don't know. That's a key ingredient. If you want to make good chili, use a good dark chocolate. So we've got our red kidney beans, we're going to go ahead and dump those in. So we want to turn our heat way down to a real nice simmer. We're going to put a lid on it, and just simmer all day long. Remember, low-and-slow is better than high-and-fast. That is our firehouse chili.