Flex & Stretch Water Exercises for Lower Back

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Susan Foster demonstrates flex and stretch water exercises for the lower back.

    Susan Foster: Hi! I am Susan Foster, Founder of New Attitude Exercise in Nashville, Tennessee. We're going to be working on Flex and Stretch exercises for tight shoulders. Our first exercise is shoulders rolls. Get in chest deep water, turn the palms out, shoulders down and back. Roll the shoulders. Breath in, breath out. In and out, in and out. Good.

    The next one, is called backstroke arms. My students love this. Pretend you're in a glass fishbowl. You're going to reach forward, push the front wall of that fishbowl, right. When you get to the top, roll the wrist, and then pull down the backside of that fishbowl. Continue on the same arm, push it away, breath in, roll the wrist, pull down and breath out. Other arm, push the wall away, wrist roll at the top. Breath out, pull the back down, breath in, roll. Backstroke arms, you're going to feel like a whole new person after this.

    The last one, we're going to do, relieve tight shoulders, it's called hunchback hood ornament. Get in chest deep water. One foot back, take the arms back, palms up, this is the hood ornament part. Roll the shoulders, this is the hunchback part. Go, take your time, really feel the press and pull of the water. This feels delicious in the water. Breath out, inhale, breath in, breath out, fabulous. Feel the water, enjoy.

    Now, that you have got a supple upper back and shoulders, how about we work on the lower back, next is flex and stretch, for loosening a tight lower back.