Florida Captain Completes a Milestone

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    50 years ago, New Yorker Skip Bradeen traveled to Florida and never left. He bought himself a fishing boat, became a captain, and never looked back.

    Skip Bradeen: Now, slow. Stop, stop. Now listen to me, now you got them on this fish. Pop it up.

    I was suiting up a bit little popped up there in Long Island at Freeport, and a buddy of mine was coming down to Florida at the same time I was coming down. And as we could hit the rod, he said he could and we were at Islamorada and I never went back, and it's been now 50 years, it's my 50th year. We are all started with the boat in 1964. First boat to stepped on, I brought the year and half later.

    The price was $60 for full day's fishing and $40 for half day, so we fish a lot of blue color people pretty much they could afford that trip. Get him back. Nice!

    Barron Pritt: I started fishing with Kevin Skip when I was seven. My family and I came down here on vocation; he was the boat that we just -- we just pick the boat, we went out with him.

    Skip Bradeen: Turn the handle.

    Barron Pritt: Started coming down, going dolphin fishing with him and you know made it kind of like a reunion to come down and always fish with Skip, no body else.

    Skip Bradeen: He might be eating, flipped it back; no, you don't do it that way; hit him.

    Barron Pritt: The less you to do the work, he wants it to be a hands-on experience for you so, so you know what fishing is.

    Skip Bradeen: That made hook to fish is not allowed on this port. No matter what it is even if a blue mount comes up the man is going to stand over the shoulder and and guide him to the -- he might hoping to spool back and help them but when that rides of boat over, the fish, that may not be right in here.

    Barron Pritt: So he is going to out there and once to make sure everyone catches a fish and has a good time, no matter what it takes. He is always so happy and energetic and outgoing just a good time.

    Skip Bradeen: They got the boat. They catch a lot of fish, a lot would not, people say, well we had a wonderful time Kevin Skip and Crew, let us keep involved in a program. What I have taken away from this business is my love for it. My absolute love for the charter industry in the Florida Keys.

    I am on a journey with no destination. Being a Peyton Manning doesn't have plan of retirement and I am the Peyton Manning of this business I like to think on the same way, on a journey, no retirement in sight.