Florida’s New Law Brings Same-Sex Weddings to the Sunshine State

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    See how Florida’s new marriage equality law is bringing more and more couples to enjoy beautiful beachfront weddings.

    Janice Jones: One of the worlds top locations for destination weddings and honeymoons is now all inclusive. Same sex marriages are legal in Florida, so more couples are saying I do.

    Male Speaker: And now exchanging the ring.

    Male Speaker: Joint together are these two persons in marriage.

    Male Speaker: I give you this ring Male Speaker: I give you this ring Male Speaker: As a gift of my life.

    Male Speaker: As a gift of my life.

    Female Speaker 1: Thank you Superette this is sweet love.

    Janice Jones: Romantic scenes are taking place along the dynamic shoreline of the Atlantic coast to the welcoming Florida Keys the State Capital and all the picturesque places in between.

    Terry Dimsdale: Beautiful spot for beautiful girl, so I am extremely happy. It was suppose to be really small or Jessica Dean: Just as we see in our parents, just kept growing and getting bigger.

    Terry Dimsdale: The outpouring of love in our state is just its really special to get married here.

    John Reardon: Well Florida has so many beautiful locations to get married, just to sharing more love with the world.

    Deborah Wolfe: Lot of people want to come and see Florida for the old Florida with the natural things that we dont have anywhere else in this nation, and so to be able to now as a gay couple who come to Florida and experience that kind of a destination wedding, its amazing, its a very good feeling.

    Female Speaker: It is.

    Janice Jones: Love is definitely in the air.

    Terry Dimsdale: I got to marry my sunshine in the Sunshine State.

    Janice Jones: For Visit Florida, I am Janice Jones.