Fly Fish – Roll Cast

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dusty Wissmath, director of Dusty Wissmath’s Fly Fishing School and Guide Service based at Whitetail Resort, demonstrates the roll cast.

    Dusty Wissmath: Hi I am Dusty Wissmath and this is introduction to fly casting. Right now, we are going to talk about the most basic cast and that s a roll cast. When we make the cast, we got to get some line outside the tip of the rod, so what I am going to do, is strip some line off the real like so, and I m going to put my rod tip down at the surface of the water and wave that rod tip back and forth. The surface tension of the water grabs the hold of that line and sucks that line out through the guides. When I have got the right amount of line out, I m ready to go. First cast like we said is the roll cast. Before we make the cast, let s get in the correct stance. I am going to step back with my right foot, about half as step that gets me into an athletic precision. Now, I am going to grip the rod as we talked about before and I m going to choose a target. I am going to lift the rod up in on to the air. I m going to tilt the rod out, just a little bit like so, to keep this line, away from my body. I am going to align my elbow with the target, I am going to lift that line, anchor on the water. The roll cast anchoring the line on the water is critically important because we are using the surface tension of the water to lower the rod. So, I want to come to a complete stop here. Notice I have got a 45 degree angle between the butt section of my rod and bottom of my forearm, about a 90 degree angle here and a 90 degree angle here. Again, I choose my target, lift the rod up, tilt a rod a bit to the out to the side, check to make sure that my line is anchored on the water and now I am going to execute the cast by letting my elbow pull my hand down, and an acceleration to a quick stop as I close that angle, and follow the line down to the water with the tip of the rod. So that s a roll cast. Next we are going to begin the basic forward cast.