Focusing Kids Who Are More Distracted Than Ever

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    69% of students in high school report using smart phones, tablets, and computers during school hours.

    Ann Dolin: The shear number of technological distractions students have to deal with today is unprecedented, form Facebook to Twitter, to texting and instant messaging our kids are surrounded by technology on all sides. The question is how do we find ways for students to use this all wisely? Your child should be able to answer questions like, in what environment do I get the most works done? Where do I tend to focus best? How can I eliminate distractions? What kind at music can I listen to while studying, if any at all?

    Having an open to discussing with your child about these questions will help him or her to understand the ways technology can be an asset not a distraction. If you thing technology is hampering focus increase your child to close out of each program, website or document ones they are done using it. Another option if your child resist your overtures is to encourage a tech break. Study for 20 minutes and then have tow or three minute to check text or social media. This quite eases anxiety that kids often feel when they think they're missing out on something important. If self-awareness develops technology will become less of a distraction and more of a benefit when it comes to schoolwork.