Fondant Cake Decorating – Covering the Cake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to cover the cake when decorating with fondant.

    Norman Davis: I'm Norman Davis from Sweet Life and today we're covering a cake in Fondant and you'll start of course with the Fondant of your choice. Today we're using Satin Ice and, so what you have to do is take out the Fondant and you're going to knead it, take your stalking to keep it from sticking to your work area. Now, you always want to use Powdered Sugar, you never want to Corn Starch. There's a chemical reaction with Corn Starch and any brand of Fondant. So stay with powdered Sugar only. So just knead your Fondant. Okay we've got more than we need, just I'm going to take a little off. I'm going to dust the bottom, dust my work area. Take your Rolling Pin, and just start working with spreading it out and also keep your Fondant moving because nothing is worst than rolling this out, if you doing a big cake and then its sticks to your surface. So just keep it moving, try to keep it in a circle, little bit more powdered Sugar, keep it moving. You can even put some powdered Sugar on the top. Okay, so now what we're going to do is, place a little bit more powdered Sugar on the top. We're going to use the Rolling Pin and roll the Fondant back on to it. You're going to take your cake, take your Fondant, and drape it right over. Now at this point, you use your Smoother on the top. So, what you're going to do at this point, is want to create a drape but you also want to take some of the attention of the sides of your cake. So, I'll go ahead and press in just about an inch at the top of the cake and then just with your hand, if you have jewelry, take off your jewelry. Be very careful with your long finger nail and you notice, how I'm pulling this out, I'm constantly just giving it some pull, so that I eliminate any creases or wrinkles into the Fondant. Okay, now you use your Smoother and smooth out. If you don't have a Smoother, you can go ahead and knead and make a ball of Fondant, dust it and you can use that also as a smoother. So, if you're doing this for the first time, and you don't want to invest money in certain products, the equipment, you can sort of get away with it but if you find that you really like to do this, invest the money in the proper tools. Okay, So now I'm going to trim off the extra part. Now, it's time to actually clean-up your cake. So, what I'm going to do now is just use my knife, I'm just cutting down. I'll also clean-up little bit more and I'm going to smooth out the Fondant on the edge of my board. You want to be very careful about your finger nails, even the Smoother at this point can cause some damage to your Cake. So, once again clean-up any extra Fondant at the ends and then I like to use my finger and give it a cleaner edge. The biggest thing about a Fondant is, don't let it intimidate you, if it doesn't work the first time, go ahead and pull it off the cake. If any of your crumb coating gets on your Fondant, go ahead and scrape that off, and knead it back up and start all over again.

    Next thing we're going to do is, we're going to do some Drapes and Swags to start decorating our cake.