Fondant Cake Decorating – Making a Bow

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to make a bow for the cake when decorating with fondant.

    Norman Davis: Hi I'm Norman and Zane with Sweet life and we're covering a cake in Fondant and right now, Zane is going to go ahead and show in this segment Drapes, Bows and Swags and the nice thing about Fondant is, it comes in many different colors and right now, we're using a Chocolate Brown and so right now, he is just rolling it out thinly and remember to always use your dusting bag, the only drawback with dusting a dark color whether its Brown or Black is that you'll have some white but you can always clean that up and we'll show that in a little bit with just a simple paint brush and so, Zane is also right now using a textured Rolling Pin. You notice how Zane is giving even pressure to get a beautiful design, there's many different Rolling Pins on the market, Textured Rolling Pins on the market and you don't have to use a Textured Rolling Pin, you can just do a plain, simple Bow. But we find, we love the detail of a Textured Rolling Pin on Drapes and Swags, look at that beautiful design. So, just remember, keep it moving, so that it doesn't stick, okay. So, Zane is going to be cutting some squares, approximately 4 inches by 3 inches approximately, this can vary depending on the size of Bow that you wish to make. And then of course, you're going to need the middle section of the Bow and we're going to be using Fiber Fill to give the Bow the puff that it needs to have and this could be done a couple of days before you need to use it on your cake because this you do want it to dry out. The only thing, you want to be very careful is when you pinch the pieces together, make sure that you don't pinch the Fiber Fill in your Bow because when it's time to take the Fiber fill out, once the Bow is dry it, it's going to stick in your Bow. So, you notice how Zane just pinched it, the Fiber Fills in the center, it has a great design to it, he pinched off the extra pieces at the end. Okay so, now Zane needs the center of the Bow. So, we just folded it slightly, just to create the little wrinkle and then folded that in half. Then with his fingers, he's going to bend it into a form with other parts of the Bow that he has already made. Okay that's how simple is to do a Bow.

    Now he is going to ahead and do the tail pieces of the Bow and, this could be any way, whether you want it into V-shape or just, I mean there's no right or wrong on this. So, Zane is going to make the V-shape and then he is also going to wrinkle this up to make it look like the fabric of the Bow, just draping so nicely on your cake. So, if you took your cake at this point, it will drape very nicely over the edge of your cake. You can use just a little bit of water or a little bit of Butter cream and to make your Bow stick and we're going to go ahead and use just a little bit of Butter cream. So, just a little bit of Butter cream. Now you don't want to get carried away with this, if you have too much moisture on it, it will slide down the cake. So, as I explained the tail pieces, we like that to be done right when you're decorating the cake but the Bow itself has to be done at least 24 hours, if you can do it longer than that, that's great and so once it's dry, so to match it. we did this last night and you're just going to pull out the Fiber Fill. So just pull out Fiber Fill, clean up any extra pieces that might be there. Okay so now we can place our Bow on the cake. And it all depends, what I find is sometimes because this is already dry. It might not set perfectly where you want it. So, sometimes you can take another piece of the Fondant, just knead it again because this wet moist, I'll be able to press it where I want it go, So I'm going put some -- I'm going put some butter cream there, just a little bit here, once again don't get carried away with your butter cream.

    Now, be very careful pressing this into your cake because if you press too hard, you can smash your Bow. So that's how to create a Bow with Fondant and, so now what we're going to do is, Zane is going to show you how to do a Drape and a Swag.