Fondant Cake Decorating – Making Drapes and Swags

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to make drapes and swags when decorating with fondant.

    Norman Davis: Hi! I am Norman and Zane with the Sweet Life and today we are working on cake decorating techniques and fondant. And right now, Zane is going to show you how to do a drape and a swag. Zane? Remember keep it dusted with powdered sugar to keep it from sticking. Now some of the rolling pins, the laser is so deep that you have to be very careful about it sticking, the fondant sticking to the rolling pin. So if you have to dust it, just dust it. So Zane has a nice design on the satin ice fondant. So what we are using is three dowel rods and he is just spacing them apart and he is going to place his fondant on top of the dowel rods. With his fingers, he is just pressing it into the dowel rods to give that nice shape. Just be very careful, anytime you use a textured rolling pin, not to eliminate that design that you've placed on it. He is just trimming it up. So he is taking out the dowel rods, and it still has the nice shape to it. Now what he is doing is he is gathering it up. So now it can be draped on to the cake itself. So that's how simple is. Now, Drapes and bows could be done on a butter cream cake. But of course we do like it when it's on a fondant cake and if it was white on white, of course you do not have to worry about this. Now at this point, we would have to put a medallion or flower on this spot to eliminate seeing this extra fondant. Because you have to have fondant, the drape coming so far into the cake itself because if it's all like at the very edge, there could be a 99% chance that it would fall off just like that. So I am going to go ahead and put a little bit of butter cream on here, just to keep our swag in place and now Zane is going to roll out some fondant so that he can do a drape. So once again he is using the textured rolling pin. You want to keep even pressure on a rolling pin as you are rolling it so that your design is a same. Just to give you a little hint about textured rolling pins, what you always want to do is you want to place it on a leveled surface and then look down to make sure, you do not see any gaps. Some of the textured rolling pins depending on where they are manufactured are not perfectly smooth or at level and it's very important that you have a leveled one because of the fact that when you emboss your fondant with your textured rolling pin, if it's not leveled, you are going to see every imperfection in your fondant. Okay, Zane, go ahead. What I want to do, is I want to show you a couple of different cuts and of course depending on the length that you want. So you have one option of course is to do the v-shape cut or the other option is to just go ahead and cut it at an angle. So Zane is going to make a longer one for us. So what Zane did was he took and just rolled it together, see? That's how simple. Pinch the ends to keep it together. Now he is going to cut the angle in a opposite direction so that the tails, one is in one direction, one is in the other direction. So now we have two tails. So you have the couple of options, you can finish this off by one tail, one tail. You can also place two tails together to give a drape like that. Okay, so we are going to set that to aside and then Zane has the one piece that he has right here and it's going to be the same principle you are just going to gather it up. So a lot of times, I'd like to see a real long tail where it's actually coming down at the end of the cake and then once again, you are going to put that on with just a little bit of butter cream, water, royal icing, so then of course little buttons to complete it or on a cake like this. If it was of course, for a wedding cake, it would be done all in whites and creams. In this case, we are going to decorate this cake with some fall leaves and just darker, richer colors in there but a nice little button on a top looks great. So that's how you create swags and drapes just with a simple rolling pin and coming up next will be some really great cute fondant animals.