Fondant Cake Decorating – Making Figures (Part 1)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to make figures with fondant.

    Norman Davis: Hi! I am Norman and Zane with the Sweet Life. And we are showing cake decorating techniques on fondant and right now Zane is going to show how to make fondant animals, well, at least the panda bear right now.

    So what he is doing is he has taken some white satin ice fondant and some black satin ice fondant and he is making balls. So he needs about two inch ball, there are ways that you do not necessarily have to use as much product. You can go ahead and use rice cereal treats and go ahead and make those into balls and then cover them in fondant, but previous segment we decided to go ahead and make solid fondant animals. So right now, Zane is making the body of the panda and he is going to -- after he shaped into a ball, he is now making it into a cone shape. Using his finger, just to give a little bit of a neckline and then of course you need a big panda's belly. Zane when he heading cut that top part off, so that the head will then fit on to the body of the panda. He is just using his finger to give it the shape that he wants. He is using a ball tool and making the belly button of the panda. And what he did was, he came in and then just slightly up. Now he is going to take and do the arms of the panda and then the legs, so he pretty much has two balls of the same size and then another two balls slightly smaller. He is rolling them out into a cylinder shape, flatten the bottom. Now what Zane did is he used his finger to press in one side, so that then the body will set in that area. Because what you want to eliminate is you don't want to just put the legs there, this way the legs looks like it's part of the panda instead of something that you made afterwards and placed on the side. He is using a knife just to give some lines. And then once again a little bit of water, butter cream to glue it together. So the arms are done the same way as the legs were done. What he is doing right now is cutting it at an angle so that then the arms will fit onto the panda just very nicely, evenly. Once again you want to give your panda a lot of personality and the lot of times just some extra lines, little creases to make it look like -- the arms are bendable, so a little bit of water. Now, there is the couple of options at this point, it depends on where you want the placement of the hands. If you want a little bit of gap between the arms and the legs, what you can do is use the fiber-fill to go ahead and fill in that area, so we are going to grab a little chunk of fiber-fill and just place it, because that will give that space in between the legs and where the arm is. Once that water dries, then you can pull out the fiber-fill. Okay? Now, to attach the head to the body, you have a couple of options. You can go ahead and use spaghetti and you do want to use the thickest spaghetti that you can get or a toothpick. I myself like to use the spaghetti because of the fact, it's all edible. Same way with the arms, we could have used a little piece of spaghetti to anchor the arms to the body and so you want to use the thickest spaghetti that you can get. So what you are going to do is just break it off and we are going to press it into the body. We are going to use a little bit of water just as glue. So right now Zane is going to give it some shape, he is going to put little holes in for the ears. Our next step will be placing the ears and nose.