Fondant Cake Decorating – Making Figures (Part 2)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis shows you how to make figures with fondant.

    Norman Davis: Hi! I'm Norman and Zane with the Sweet Life. And we are showing cake decorating techniques with fondant. Right now, Zane is going to show how to make the ears and nose. Okay, that's how simple. He just placed that on and he is taking now for the ears. He is taking two very small little pieces of satin ice in black. He's made a teardrop shape and now what he is doing is he is opening the holes for the ears to go into. He is wedding the end of his toothpick just to give a little bit of water inside the cavity of the holes that he made. He is now taking and placing the ears into the holes and then now he is also going to give a cup. He is going to form a shape to the panda's ears. Okay, very simple.

    Now he is going to be doing the nose and the eyes. So once again, he did a teardrop shape, he has flattened the end of it. Little bit of water and there we have a nose. So he is taking the teardrop shape, he has flattened one side but as he pressed it onto the panda's head, he sort of pinched it slightly just to give it the personality of the nose. Of course, the panda's nose does have little black on it. So he is taking just another piece of the satin ice black fondant and does make it in the small ball. He's just flattened that out with little bit of water. It's now glued to the end of the nose.

    Then of course, we need the eyes. Now the eye placement is very important because you got to be careful about eye placement. You don't want the panda cross-eyed, it depends on the expression that you want the panda to have whether it's looking in one direction but we careful about not having the panda look cross-eyed. So he's taking two teardrops, flattened it again and he is doing the same things. He put more powdered sugar on his hands just to keep it from sticking, a little bit of water. We're just using the toothpick, but of course you use a small paint brush. But once again be very careful about amount of water that you put on to act as glue. So now, we need to put the white of the eyes and this is the moment where I mentioned about being very careful that you don't make your panda look cross eyed. He can look in one direction or other direction but be very careful at this point. Once again, Zane is just using a little ball tool just to give a indentation , so that the eye or the little round balls fit into the eye socket and little bit of water on the end just act as a glue and just a very, very small piece. And then we need to put a mouth on him.

    A couple of different ways that you can do this, so you can also as you did the belly button, you can go ahead and just put an indentation in for the mouth. In this case, Zane just used the little bit of the black fondant, just to give a mouth. Okay, so what Zane is doing right now, is he is putting the paws on the ends of the feet and you can do it also on the arms if you wish. You can put little hearts on it. I mean it's whatever your creativity wants you to do.

    Of course, you need to have a tail on the panda. So once again, the little bit of black roll it into a ball and then you're going to do a teardrop again. Don't need a big tail, littler of bit of water to act as glue. And also it's all up to your creativity. This is just some examples of other another panda and we also have hippos, the dinosaur and the elephant. That's just a few.

    In our next segment, we're going. Zane you're going to go ahead and make some just very simple flowers and we'll be right back.