Fondant Cake Decorating – Making Flowers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to make flowers with fondant.

    Norman Davis: Hi! I am Norman and Zane with The Sweet Life and we are showing decorating techniques with fondant. And right now what we are doing is Zane is going to go ahead and make some very simple bold flowers and so he is taking some very simple cutters that were actually made for more technical, difficult flowers, but what we are doing is some very, very simple cutters and flowers. So, he has just cut out the fondant and this we are -- normally when you are making flowers you want them to be very paper thin. But, this particular flower, we want the flower to be very bold in statement. So, he is making them larger or thicker I should say, not necessarily larger. So now he has taken his flower and he is just doing an indentation, just to give it some lines and personality. You could also do these flowers with a textured rolling pin. So he took a larger cutter and now he is doing the smaller flower; same technique just pressing some lines into the fondant.

    Okay, so a little bit of water to glue them together. Right now the Zane is going to make the center of the flower, which once again is just a round ball, little bit of water, pressed into the center. So, just a very, very simple flower. If it's not perfect at this moment you can -- because it's still wet, you can go ahead and shape it the way that you want it to go. So, what Zane is going to do at this point -- you can let this center be a solid surface like that or you can give it some texture, with just a pair of scissors and what he is doing is pressing it into the fondant ball and just clipping it. Very simple.

    Now, what Zane is going to do is he is going to also take some of the black fondant and we are going to go ahead and cut out some leaves. Okay. Now, this particular leaf cutter will also emboss the petals onto it. So, you can see the veining is already done for you. It's very simple to use. He is going to do another one. So, press it into your fondant. As he is rubbing it around that's cleaning up any of the edges, he has just embossed it, now he is -- these are called plunger cutters.

    If you want your leaves to have some personality, you can go ahead and just give them some shape, you can bend them anyway that you wish. So, now what he is going to do is just like the vine that you would see the flowers attached to, so he just rolled out a cylinder shape and he is just going to go ahead and make it as long as he wishes. You can make it as thick as you want, as thin as you want; it all depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. At this point you want to bend it around to give it a lot personality. Some of these pieces could be done ahead of time, so that they dry and then other ones you will do fresh on the cake, so that it bends around the cake. Now once these setup a little bit what we will do is take a paintbrush and just dust off some of the powdered sugar that we have. But what I want to do is show you a cake that we have already have pretty well completed. There are a few odds and ends that we need to do on it with this particular flower. Okay, so if you have made some of your flowers ahead of time that are dry, you have many options, of course, and depending on where you want the placement of your flower whether it's, where it's standing, like at an angle on your cake, which always looks great or take one of your fresh flowers, where then it will form to your cake. So, it's an endless possibility. What we find, the current trend right now is very bold cakes and you can't get much bolder than black and white. Our next segment, we are going to be using molds and impression mats, things of that nature, very, very simple techniques. We will be right back.