Fondant Cake Decorating – Marbling the Fondant

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to make marble the fondant.

    Norman Davis: I am Norman Davis with The Sweet Life, and we are showing you how to decorate with fondant. And right now, we are going to show you a marbling technique. So what you are going to do is you are going to go ahead and take two different color fondants about equal the amount, and you are going to knead it together to warm it up so that you can play with it.

    Give it some -- make it pliable and then you are going to dust your area just to keep it from sticking. So I chose a very hot pink and a white to do the marbling with. Satin ice comes in many different colors. So I am going to go ahead and make a cylinder shape with both, and I'm going to go ahead and twist it together. I'm going to come over, and I'm going to press it down. I'm going to dust it to keep it from sticking.

    Now, you are going to use your rolling pin, and I am going to twist it one more time; press it down again, dust your surface. Now, I'm going to stop for a moment. What I want to show you is I have some very dark areas where the white against the pink, and then I have some areas where it is blending together, and of course that's the look that you want, where it's blending together. And just by rolling this out even further, it's all going to blend together.

    Once again, I'm going to keep some powdered sugar on it to keep it from sticking. More powdered sugar down. Now, there are many different ways on marbling, and if you don't want the bold look of the darker color against the lighter color, and you want more of the blending, we can also just roll this up one more time and twist it and roll it out again. So this could be one look, and then of course, just drape it on your fondant cake, and I'm going to show you just by twisting it one more time to eliminate the darker colors.

    So at this point, you can look over your piece of fondant to decide which side you like the best, whether it's this side or that side. I myself like this one. I have no problem with this little bit of white against the pink, but I love this veining that is done right here.

    You will never get the same look. Once you use this and cover your cake, then you are going to go ahead and do the same thing. You will not use the leftover because what happens is you are diluting the bright pink by already having the white mixed into it. So after you're done, then, of course, you can knead it all together use a paler pink icing on your cake. But so now, you are just going to go ahead and drape this over your cake just like I showed you earlier in a video and that's it.

    So Zane and I just showed you -- we just touched slightly on the many possibilities with rolled fondant. So we hope you enjoyed the video. We will see you again.