Fondant Cake Decorating – Using Cutters and String Work

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to use cutters and string work when decorating with fondant.

    Norman Davis: I am Norman Davis with The Sweet Life and what we are showing you today is simple decorating cake techniques in fondant. And right now we are going to be doing some leaves. So just take a little bit of your satin ice fondant, keep it dusted, and roll it out. This, you do want as thin as possible. I keep it dusted; this can never be too thin. Okay. Keep it moving, I can see my fingers through here, and plus, I can feel how nice and thin it is, when I pick it up. So many different cutters, whether they are plastic or metal, it depends on the company and the design that you are looking for. So just go ahead and press it down. Roll it around; what this is doing is this is cleaning the ends. Pick out, this is a leaf veiner, place it in your veiner, put the lid on, and press it down. And here you have a fall leaf, and then you can take once again your fiber fill and just drape it to dry, whatever shape that you want. A lot of times when I am doing fall leaves I will take left over yellow, left over red, left brown and just mix it all together to get started on my colors, or just do, just yellow leaves and then you can paint them later. And another fun thing to do with fondant is, string work. String work is probably one of the hardest things to do, string work is done with royal icing, and royal icing is a product that dries hard, and it's very time consuming and it also takes a lot of practice, but I found a easier way to do it. This is called a sugar craft gun. There are different products on the market that does the same technique. So what I am doing is I am warming up the fondant in my hands, I am going to assemble the cylinder, I am going to place the fondant into the cylinder, and it comes with 16 different tips. So right now, I am going to do string work. So it's just a little hole on the disc and then just assemble. Press it down to get it started and just by some squeeze of my hand you can see the string is coming out. So I can go ahead and place my string work on my fondant cake, and then I can bring it down to the end. I can do another piece. And I will do one more. Okay, very simple string work. I could have done swags on the cake with the string work. It's really endless possibility with this particular sugar craft gun. I am going to show you one more thing with the sugar craft gun that I really, really like. What I am doing is I am switching the disc and it's a clover leaf design. So I am going to add more product. I am going to take my clover leaf design and place on the end, cap it off. Okay. That's long enough. So now, it looks like I have taken three pieces of the satin ice fondant and I have seamed them together, and you can do it that way, but it's a lot more work, and it's not going to be perfect. So now what I am going to do with this is I am going to make it look like I have braided it together, so I am going to take my one hand, and go in this direction, and I am going to take my other hand and pull backwards, just right like that. Now, it looks like I have a rope twist; so simple to do. So the rope twist can be done really anywhere on your cake, whether you want to do it as a border or you can take it and do it as a drape, it's very, very simple. Our next segment is we are going to marbleize fondant.