Fondant Cake Decorating – Using Silicon Moulds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cake decorating expert Norman Davis demonstrates how to make decorate using silicon moulds with fondant.

    Norman Davis: I am Norman Davis with The Sweet Life, and we're showing you how to decorate with fondant. And right now we're going to show you some silicon moulds.

    Once again, there are many different silicon moulds on the market, and there is a right way and a wrong way to fill a silicon mould. And one way that I find to be the best is, of course, always dust it with powdered sugar. Now, what I've seen a lot of cake decorators do is they put too much product, too much fondant into the mould itself, and I am going to show you both ways, the right way and the wrong way. Right now, I am going to show you the wrong way; so if I am going to go ahead and do this line of beads, a lot of cake decorators will just press it in, and then, you'll have to clean up all of this. So you can clean up a couple of different ways by using your knife and then come across, but it also tears it. A lot of cake decorators will then used their thumb and clean up that extra. But this is a lot more work. Okay. So what I find the best way to do is to do smaller pieces into it and keep on filling it, until the cavity of your mould is full. So right now, I have to put some more fondant in here, satin ice. And I am going to press just a little bit more into that one cavity until I have my mould full. Now, I am using my finger and I am just cleaning it up. It's a lot quicker than taking off excess fondant. What I am doing is I am just trying to give it as clean of a edge as possible. Now, you can place this in the refrigerator for five minutes and then bring out to un-mould it, but because we have powdered sugar in it, it shouldn't be a problem whatsoever. Some of the moulds have very deep cavities and those are the ones that most definitely you have to put in the refrigerator. So you saw I didn't have to do much effort. But look how perfect those beads are, on the cake. So the same way with -- this is actually a bow, and the way I am going to do is, press a little bit of fondant in at a time, put powdered sugar on my finger to keep it from sticking to my finger and just keep on filling up the cavity of the mould, till you have a nice clean edge. So what I am doing is, I am pressing it in the center of my fondant and I am pressing it out to the outer edges of this particular mould. A little bit more powdered sugar just keep to it from sticking. A little bit more should fill this cavity up. Now, once again, I am going to clean up the edges, just by rubbing my finger around it. So if you wish, once again put it in the refrigerator or just simply un-mould it. So right there we have a nice little bow. That would look great on the panda or just on the side of the cake. So the next thing I am going to show you is just cutting out some very simple, just like Zane did on the flowers. I am going to show you some leaves.