Food Allergy 101

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professor of Food Science Bob Gravani discusses the basic facts of food allergies.

    Robert B. Gravani: Hi! My name is Bob Gravani, I am a professor of Food Science in Cornell University. My area of interest is food safety and throughout my entire career I have spent time looking at these issues, in all sectors of the food system. Today, we're going to talk about food allergies. We are going to look at food allergy one-on-one, we're going to talk about reactions, we're going to talk about assisting people who have food allergies, do a better job of shopping and identifying some specific food allergens.

    My interest area as I said is food safety and I've worked a great deal with farmers and growers with good agricultural practices and helping them reduce microbial risks in the production, harvesting and packing of fresh foods and vegetables, worked with personnel in the food processing industry, the retail industry and the food service industry as well as with consumers. So today we're really going to address some of those major issues related to food allergens, so let's get started talking about food allergies.