Forming Meatloaf into Loaves

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Shannon Overmiller demonstrates how to form meatloaf into loaves.

    Shannon Overmiller: Hello! I am Shannon Overmiller at the Majestic, the Executive Chef in Old Town, Alexandria. We were demonstrating home style meatloaf. Previously I showed you how to mix the meatloaf and test in a pan to taste for seasoning and then readjust if necessary. Next I will be showing you how to form the loaves and to bake the meatloaf following with the tomato glaze. Out off your bowl with clean hands or rubber gloves whichever you prefer. So the mixture has gotten into a more dense texture, emulsified. Everything is combined. What you want to do is take your meatloaf out. And I take just a little mixture at a time. Form it into whatever size you choose. You can do this in a pan, in a baking pan and a loaf pan however you choose. But keep it there uniform, it's really what you want. It's really what's important, it that it's uniform.

    The ends are the good thing to make the sauce with and you have the end that's --. I like to save a little of the raw mixture too make my meatloaf gravy. So I will show you that as well in the future, but I do like to use a little bit of that in my meatloaf gravy. Think any rule of thumb with the sauce that should really come from what it's coating. Now this will render quite a bit of dripping when you bake it and that's also one key elements to the sauce. So you see how we form our molds. I like meatloaf. I like making meatloaf. It's fun. Of course you probably do this a little larger. This is just good for demonstration purposes. So we keep them all the same. So cook time is the same. You can do it one large one. You can do it in a loaf pan as I said and you can do it as this manner as well. I found this way to work this very well here at the restaurant. So next I will demonstrate how to make the meatloaf tomato glaze.