Four Basic Boxing Punches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TJ, from Team Ruthless Boxing, demonstrates how to do basic boxing punches.

    Hi, this is T.

    J Lucas. This is my assistant Ashley, in this segment we are going to be working on how to throw the jab properly from your stance, using the mitts. These right are here in the ringside mitts. You can get in any sporting goods store, even on a sporting goods website along with the gloves, the ringside gloves. Your stance, Ashley is going to show you how to throw a proper jab.

    What she is going to do, she is going to push off her back foot, step into the jab, extend at the same time, while keep going to chin low and the jab high protecting her face. Jab, jab, jab, jab, there is somebody rude out there, jab. Now, if you notice her jab is high, protecting her face, a way you can not counter punch her. The counter punch to the jab will be to the body, but the way to protect her face is a hook.

    Keep your jab high, I mean those are hook, you can not hit it. If your jab is low, your face is exposed and so is your minute. So, now, you have two overs less. Now, in this segment, we are going to be working on the right cross. Again, she is on her stance, most important part of this right cross is it s like the jab, you want to keep it high. So, you keep your jab high, keep your right cross high protecting your chin. You want to turn your back foot, push off the back foot and turn at same time, pull your body weight into it. Go right, another one, another one, I do not leave out there. Again, as like the jab her right hand is high, her hands turned over, she has to turn her back foot into it. Just kick your back heel out.

    When you first start off, your foot is sideways, you stand on the back toe, you just kick your heel just like she did. To another right hand, while she tries to kicks her heel out, one more, okay. That is the basic way how to throw a right hand. The next segment, we are going to work on the left cross, the left hook. Now, to throw a proper hook is you stand in stance, you keep your elbow and your hands high, turn your hands over, you throw the hook, keep it high, you turn your front foot, turn your body into it, keep it high, do not throw any hooks like this, you keep your hands turned over like this. Ashley is going to show you how to throw a proper hook. So, her elbow is high, she turns her hand over, turns her foot into it, turns her body into it, this will not leave it. Elbows high, hands turned over, she turned her foot into the punch, which is why when her body weight comes into the punch she has more power. This is a very disciplined stance, a very disciplined punch. On the next segment, we are going to work on upper cuts. Now, a proper way to throw a upper cut, you keep your hand on your chin, it is like a three inch punch, you will have your hand no far than three inches from your face, it booms, a quick punch. You do not want to drop your hand down here and come all the way up with it. It is from the chin, boom, straight up. It is a quick pop that is all it is, you push off that front foot, get more power. Ashley is going to demonstrate, forward, forward, forward, forward. See, how she is pushing off the front foot? She is not dropping her arm way down; it s coming straight from her chin. That is perfect.